Senior Associate Priest

Jorge is the senior associate priest in charge of Latino ministry.  He serves Christ Church’s 600 Spanish-speaking members.  Several of Jorge’s six children participate and support him in his ministry, along with his wife, Ana.

Jorge was born in the Mexican state of Michoacán, where he grew up in a large family learning the family’s business, auto repair.  There, Jorge earned a teaching degree from the Technologica de Zacatepec, but for financial reasons, opened his own body shop instead of teaching.  He later relocated to Los Angeles with his brothers.  There, he met his wife-to-be and became involved in the Old Catholic Church, eventually graduating from St. Francis of Assisi seminary and becoming a priest in 1998.  While accompanying vacationing parishioners on a road trip to Las Vegas, he felt called to serve in Las Vegas.  So in 2005, he accepted a job here and was subsequently received by Bishop Dan Edwards.  He was assigned to lead the Latino congregation at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church prior to Christ Church Episcopal.